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Thank you so much for visiting my website and taking the time to read a little about me and my love for photography! I started my business back in 2008 in the Wichita, Kansas area but have had a love for photography most of my life.   I Initially, I focused my photography on my children.  I developed a photojournalistic style of photography. Most of my photos are candid shots.  It is not my preference to have people pose for shots.  Posing small children is impossible in any event.  Beyond that, I find that I can capture more natural emotions and expressions when people are just being themselves. Thus the photograph becomes a more realistic expression of the person at the time, not a pasted on smile or pose.


I sit back and let people do what comes naturally to them.  It can be difficult to be invisible when carrying a large camera, but I try to be an unobtrusive as possible.  Clients become used to my presence whether it is a wedding, party, or a portrait.


I firmly believe that quantity is required to get quality when it comes to photography.  At any event or portrait, I shoot hundreds or thousands of photos in order to capture the feeling of that particular moment.   None of my wedding or portrait packages limit the number of photos I take.  I enjoy the creative freedom to experiment and try unorthodox techniques without worrying about using too much film.  My goal in taking photos is to capture the true feelings and emotions of that moment.  I want my clients to look at the photos and know exactly how they felt in that moment whether it was one week ago or twenty years ago.  To me, that is the essence of photography.  Ultimately, the process and printing of the photos plays an equally important part in the quality of the final image. After the shoot, I spend literally days processing the images to achieve the closest match to my perception of the scene on the day of the shoot. The raw image from the camera don't always match what I saw through the lens. I use many techniques I have developed for getting the most out of the image which adds to the impact of the photo.  It is fashionable among my colleagues to send the images for bulk processing.  Although it is easier and faster, I find I must process the images myself to retain the most quality control.


Photos courtesy of: Ashley Marker

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